MicroDried fruits are 100% all-natural, high quality dried fruit and vegetables. They are becoming increasingly popular with Brewers for their ease of use, and their ease of handling and storage.

Typically, 1 lb of MicroDried product is the equivalent to 10lbs of Puree (or ~5gals). If you’d like to know more about the MicroDried products, please click here. For a full range of MicroDried fruits – powders, framents and whole fruit, and their prices, please click here.


To meet the needs of small to medium sized Brewery, we have 5 gallon bag in a pail aseptic single strength fruit juices (NFC). The 5 gallon pails are easier to use, and the aseptic juice makes it easier to store – no freezer needed, just your regular refrigeration unit/s.

For more information on the fruit range, specifications, availability and current pricing, please contact us here.