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We continue to offer new and interesting high-quality varietals for bold brewers.

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Innovative water-based hop product which retains pure hop aroma and provides great brewing efficiencies.

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Liquid Oak Concentrates

Find out about STOAK’s wood liquefaction technology for beer, wine, and spirits.


Oak Barrels

Try our used oak barrels from wine, bourbon, whiskey, or rum for aging and blending your beers.


Natural MicroDried Fruits

Bring real fruit color, and enhanced flavors to your beverages.


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  • #ColumbusHops bring deep, pensive aroma with understated citrus notes along with punchy #hoppiness—an ideal dual purpose #hop. Typically utilized late in the boil and, when fresh, Columbus has  herbal, lemon citrus back note flavors.  Although notable for American ales, this #HopVarietal can be used in a variety of brews... SEE MORE HOPS: https://johnfearless.com/products/
  • Coming up next month! 
#JohnFearless heads to Long Beach for this years #CCBA #CraftBeerSummit. We're at Booth #327 from 9/12- 9/14 stocked with samples and Fearless schwag for your #CABeerSummit bag 🙌
  • #WakatuHops: A Fabulous #DualPurpose varietal.  Less spicy flavor than #HallertauMittelfrüh while also retaining its crisp, clean character.  Uniquely floral, combined with minimal citrus & lime aromas.  Superb for #Lagers, #Pilsners, and #Bocks.  CONTACT US FOR SPECIAL PRICING:  https://johnfearless.com/contact/

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  • Grown exclusively by #CLSFarms, #Zappa™ is a 100% neomexicanus aroma hop from the mountains of New Mexico. Evolving independently, Zappa™, has developed its own rebellious aroma and unique flavor characteristics.

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  • Extracting the core benefits of 150 year old oak for #CraftBrewing efficiency beyond belief = You being #StokedOnStoak & #JohnFearless 💕

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  • #GermanHops 🇩🇪 & additional 🇺🇸 #HopVarietals added to your choices for those July brews 🍻  Peek the new #hop 🌳 selections and place your orders ASAP, these go FAST! https://johnfearless.com/special-pricing/

John the Fearless Birthdate/day: May 28, 1371 (every May 28 we have a special offer to celebrate)

the year John the Fearless brought hops to Belgium (Flanders)

John the Fearless instituted the Order of the Hop – Today, the International Hop Growers Bureau awards the ‘Order of the Hop’ to honour great achievers in the hop industry.
John the Fearless loses his head to the boy Prince Charles


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