John the Fearless, Duke of Burgundy, lived in a time when brewing beer with hops was either banned or heavily taxed. The Duke brought hops to parts of Europe, and helped to usher in a quiet revolution that saw the noble hop replace the herbal medleys that had dominated brewing for centuries. With hops at their disposal, Europe’s brewmasters crafted new beers famous for their bold flavors, heady aromas, and complex bitterness.

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John the Fearless Birthdate/day: May 28, 1371 (every May 28 we have a special offer to celebrate)

the year John the Fearless brought hops to Belgium (Flanders)

John the Fearless instituted the Order of the Hop – Today, the International Hop Growers Bureau awards the ‘Order of the Hop’ to honour great achievers in the hop industry.
John the Fearless loses his head to the boy Prince Charles


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