John the Fearless, Duke of Burgundy, lived in a time when brewing beer with hops was either banned or heavily taxed. The Duke brought hops to parts of Europe, and helped to usher in a quiet revolution that saw the noble hop replace the herbal medleys that had dominated brewing for centuries. With hops at their disposal, Europe’s brewmasters crafted new beers famous for their bold flavors, heady aromas, and complex bitterness.

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For bold brewers, we continue to offer new and interesting high-quality varietals from all over the world.



Humuflor® is an innovative water-based hop product which retains pure hop aroma and provides great brewing effciencies.

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John Fearless is the exclusive California distributor of Muntons Base Malts Specialty Malts.

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Oak Barrels

Try our used oak barrels from wine, bourbon, whiskey, or rum for aging and blending your beers.


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We offer a number of fruit concontrates, purees, juices, and powders to help you achieve a range of floral and fruit flavor tones.


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    • Will you be our #Valentine today? 💗 From your friends at #JohnFearless.
    • Your brews will benefit from intense fruit flavors like 🍒  with German Callista hops. From the 2019 crop year, they also add a slight herbal essence to any beer. Get your stock at #JohnFearless and #BrewBold. https://johnfearless.com/

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    • February is a whole month dedicated to STOUT BEER! 🍺 This dark, fermented malt is perfect for the cooler months with variations ranging from malt, dry and imperial. What is your favorite for #StoutMonth? Chime in!

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    • John Fearless and crew are in Sacramento for the #UnifiedWineSymposium, February 4-6. We will be highlighting our used oak wine barrels, Wineshield and Structan. See you there! 
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    • San Francisco or Kansas City? Whoever you're rooting for, we hope you have your favorite beer on this #SuperBowlSunday. 🏈

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    • Great few days at the annual Hop Conference in Portland, OR. The US hop industry is full of an amazing group of dedicated people. Strong as ever! #usahops #americanhopconvention
    • Pop open a cold one because today is #NationalBeerCanAppreciationDay! 
Top 3 reasons to appreciate beer from a can from NationalDay.com:
✔️ Faster to chill
✔️ Easier to stack
✔️ And more durable than glass
    • Achieve the essence of fruit in your 🍺 without the hassle with our selection of Milne Microdried Fruits. Using high quality fruits that are available as whole pieces, chewy or crunchy, coarse or fine powder, there's something for every brewer looking to add depth to their brew. Visit https://johnfearless.com/fruit-products/ for more information.

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    John the Fearless Birthdate/day: May 28, 1371 (every May 28 we have a special offer to celebrate)

    the year John the Fearless brought hops to Belgium (Flanders)

    John the Fearless instituted the Order of the Hop – Today, the International Hop Growers Bureau awards the ‘Order of the Hop’ to honour great achievers in the hop industry.
    John the Fearless loses his head to the boy Prince Charles


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