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Innovative water-based hop product which retains pure hop aroma and provides great brewing efficiencies.

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Liquid Oak Concentrates

Find out about STOAK’s wood liquefaction technology for beer, wine, and spirits.


Oak Barrels

Try our used oak barrels from wine, bourbon, whiskey, or rum for aging and blending your beers.


Natural MicroDried Fruits

Bring real fruit color, and enhanced flavors to your beverages.


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  • New Zealand and South African hops - multi year contracts available
  • Photos from yesterday at #SkylandBrewing in Corona, CA! 🍻

We brewed a one-of-a-kind juicy #SessionIPA chalked full of #Idaho7, #SouthernPassion, #Medusa and #AfricanQueen. It was double dry hopped as well. That was the control batch... Additionally we split another 1.5 bbl or 45 gallons which we added #WetHop terpenes... Dan Queery took Green / Wet hops from #ChimneyBluffs #hop growers (NY) and extracted the terpenes, the aromatics associated with each varietal. We ended up with around 40 ml of #HopEssence from 100's of lb's of #hops. This got added to the finished beer just prior to canning.😋
  • Yep! We're officially taking pre-orders for 2019 #Hops!! 🙌Place your order to secure your favorite hop varietals such as #NelsonSauvin™, #Zappa ™, #Motueka™, and many more: 

#fearlesslyyours #brewfearless #forfearlessbrewers #noblehops #brewbold
  • Juice Pants II by Maplewood #maplewoodbrewing. Outstanding beer! If you’re ever in Chicago, hit these guys up 👍 Thanks for your business from the crew at #johnfearlessco
  • Sometimes work and fun just go together perfectly. It was an awesome collab brew day between #stonenapa and #johnfearlessco to produce the ‘Wicketkeeper’ - a beer to celebrate the cricketing endeavours in the Napa Valley. #napacricket #johnfearlesshops #stonebeercompany #southafricanhops #nzhops
  • Engineered as an IPA hop, #AfricanQueen has bold notes of citrus, stone fruit, gooseberry, and black currant... What makes it even better, is that the freshest crop's in transit to our warehouse as we celebrate #JohnFearless' birthday week 🍻. Get some for your next brew day!
  • 648 years ago today (May 28, 1371), marks the birth of #JohnFearless! 🎂

In celebration of one of #CraftBeer's most significant people in history,  our 🇿🇦 #hops are on sale all week! Inquire for details while supplies last ⌛ 
#SouthAfricanHops #2019Harvest #Freshhops #brewfearless #brewbold
  • Happy Memorial Day!

John the Fearless Birthdate/day: May 28, 1371 (every May 28 we have a special offer to celebrate)

the year John the Fearless brought hops to Belgium (Flanders)

John the Fearless instituted the Order of the Hop – Today, the International Hop Growers Bureau awards the ‘Order of the Hop’ to honour great achievers in the hop industry.
John the Fearless loses his head to the boy Prince Charles


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