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We continue to offer new and interesting high-quality varietals for bold brewers.

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Innovative water-based hop product which retains pure hop aroma and provides great brewing efficiencies.

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Liquid Oak Concentrates

Find out about STOAK’s wood liquefaction technology for beer, wine, and spirits.


Oak Barrels

Try our used oak barrels from wine, bourbon, whiskey, or rum for aging and blending your beers.


Natural MicroDried Fruits

Bring real fruit color, and enhanced flavors to your beverages.


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  • Catch us in Sacramento! 🛎️ From Dec 8-10, we'll be at the #CCBA conference along with over 450 craft brewery owners, brewmasters, and brewery startups. You can't miss the #JohnFearless sign at booth 18. More info about this can't-miss-event here: https://www.californiacraftbeer.com/ccba-events/ccba-bi-annual-conference/ 
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  • American and Belgian-style ales plus hoppy beers get an added boost of flavor from African Queen #hops. 🇿🇦This popular variety from the 2019 South African crop year has an aroma profile that includes dank, blueberries, stone fruit, black currant, gooseberries, bubble gum, lemongrass, and chilies. John Fearless has your stock now! https://johnfearless.com/

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  • The #JohnFearless team extends our Thanksgiving wishes to everyone this holiday! 🍻🦃
  • Southern Tropic hops from the 2019 South African crop year has a fruity aroma like the name suggests. 🍻 Mango, litchie, passion fruit (granadilla), guava, pineapple, bubblegum, citrus, lemongrass, and coconut are just some of the fruit-forward characteristics of this highly coveted hop. Order yours at https://johnfearless.com/
  • Intense hop-foward #beers can benefit from Southern Sublime hops from the 2019 South African crop year. 🇿🇦 These fruity #hops can best be described as Kool-Aid meets Juicy Fruit with a mix of mango and plums. John Fearless has your supply at https://johnfearless.com

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  • Brew Shield is all it takes to preserve the desired beer flavors while keeping the unwanted flavors out. ✋ Created by #StoakTechnologies, it protects and extends the life of beer, locking in the freshness. Protect your carefully crafted brew by visiting John Fearless https://johnfearless.com/contact/

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  • The time to place your order of El Dorado® hops from the 2019 U.S. crops is NOW. The sweet, candy-like aroma of cherry and mango draws you in but don't let that fool you. 🍬 It's strong bittering works with a variety of beers like IPAs, pale ales and wheats. Inquire at https://johnfearless.com/

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  • To those in uniform who are currently serving and to those who have served in the past, we honor you on this Veterans Day. Thank you.

John the Fearless Birthdate/day: May 28, 1371 (every May 28 we have a special offer to celebrate)

the year John the Fearless brought hops to Belgium (Flanders)

John the Fearless instituted the Order of the Hop – Today, the International Hop Growers Bureau awards the ‘Order of the Hop’ to honour great achievers in the hop industry.
John the Fearless loses his head to the boy Prince Charles


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