About John Fearless

First, about John the Fearless.

John the Fearless, Duke of Burgundy, presided over the County of Flanders, which was a major beer-producing region in the area of present-day France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. He encouraged brewers to move away from the herbal concoction that they were using to flavor their beers in favor of hops, which also helped to keep the beer from spoiling.

To show his appreciation for his brewing subjects and gain their favor, he instituted the merit Order of the Hop (Ordo lupuli) upon which accomplished brewers could be bestowed. Unfortunately, after John lost his head – literally – in a political squabble, the original Order of the Hop ceased to exist as well. (The Order resumed in 1971 by the International Hop Growers Convention and continues to bestow honors upon those who contribute to the cultivation and prosperity of the hop.)

Despite his political scandals and quandaries, Duke John was known for his enthusiasm and bravery, which netted him his nickname. We see similar conviction in the brewers we work with and strive to encourage and support them in their quest. Our advice? Brew bold, brew fearless, and keep your head about you.

What We Do (and What We Don’t Do)

Meet the John Fearless Team

Rob Bolch, the Fearless Leader of John Fearless

Name: Robert Bolch (Fearless Leader)

Position: Fearless Leader (CEO and Co-founder)

Background: 25 years of experience in the alcohol beverage industry. Global experience across the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and Africa. Worked in several roles spanning supply chain/logistics, distribution, packaging, production, distributor management, sales and executive positions. Launched the John Fearless Co. in 2015.

Beer: I’m Australian, so I love all beer 😊. If I had to choose only one, I would definitely go for a well-balanced IPA.

Contact: Email, 800.288.5056


Name: Geoffrey Eiter

Position: Customer & Operations Support

Background: 5 years beverage industry experience

Beer: West Coast IPA, specifically one with bold hop aroma, high bitterness, and pine on the palate. Prefer to consume in San Diego, the Capital of Craft

Contact: Email, 208.861.1885


Name: TG (Thomas Gilbert)

Position: Sales Manager, Northern CA & Northwest

Background: 12 years beverage industry experience

Beer: Porter. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, snack time, dinner! You name the time and I’ll drink the Porter.

Contact: Email, 415.308.2599

Joaquin Gonzalez

Name: Joaquin Gonzalez

Position: Operations

Background: 27 years beverage industry experience

Beer: I enjoy a nice crisp Pilsner while shooting the breeze with friends. I’m starting to enjoy IPA’s as well.

Contact: Email, 707.738.4606

Chris Anderson

Name: Chris Anderson

Position: Technical Consultant

Background: 23 years of brewing experience

Beer: I tend to gravitate to the lighter lager beers like pilsners and helles lagers these days, but I do enjoy a good West Coast IPA as much as anyone else. I enjoy our poolside beers or merely partaking with some good friends. I often host bottle share events where we will also fire up our wood fired pizza oven to keep folks well fed.

Contact: Email, 760.974.6065

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