John Fearless launching new Humuflor varietals in January 2018

From January, 2018, John Fearless is expanding its Humuflor hop essence range with the addition of Citra, Mosaic, Amarillo and Centennial hop essences.

The original Humuflor hop essence, derived from the Cascade hop, has enjoyed success and John Fearless is responding to feedback from brewers for more choice. The Citra, Mosaic and Amarillo essences meet the big demand within craft brewing for fruitier and tropical aromatics in addition to pine/citrus characteristics. Meanwhile, Centennial, like Cascade, is a handy dual purpose essence with pine/citrus characteristics, and suits the traditional West Coast IPA styles.

Humuflor is a 100% natural aroma enhancer made by extracting the aroma compounds from hops and putting them into water at a very highly-concentrated level. Because it is water-based and contains zero vegetative material, Humuflor can be applied in the brite beer tank right at the end of the brewing process, without any subsequent need to filter the beer before sending it off for packaging. Humuflor’s addition at this late stage means the beer’s aroma is given a highly concentrated aromatic boost after the high-temperature phases – such as the kettle, whirlpool and fermentation – which normally diminish the aroma compounds. Humuflor can improve a brewery’s utilisation of assets: its use means less hops are required each brewing cycle, and less hops means both less time cleaning out the fermenter and less filtering of the beer (something which can impact on the final yield of beer). The brew cycle is thus more efficient, cost and time-wise.

Key Takeaways

John Fearless can provide: base and specialty malt; aroma and bittering hops; a five-strong range of Humuflor hop essences; fruit and wine grape juice concentrate; fresh wine grapes; and former bourbon, rum and wine barrels.

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