Looking for Foeders and quality used wine barrels?

Effectively immediately, John Fearless has signed a deal to become the exclusive seller of high quality French and American used oak wine barrels.

This arrangement provides John Fearless with a reliable, continuous supply of high quality used oak barrels from one of the world’s leading wineries. The barrels are kept in excellent condition through a high quality maintenance process which ensures the integrity of the barrels. The barrels are about 70% French oak, 30% American oak, and range in age from four to ten years. What is fairly unique about the offering is that around 70% of the total barrels have been used not for red wine but white, predominantly Chardonnay. This gives the barrels more flexibility in terms of potential secondary use: while red wine barrels tend to have been imparted with the unmistakeable red wine character, white wine barrels can be used to age whites again, reds, craft beer or spirits. The older barrels, moving towards the end of their usefulness, even interest furniture makers, lacking as they do staining from red wine.

This adaptability should prove particularly attractive to wineries in countries – such as Australia and South Africa, for example – where it is expensive to import French or American oak barrels and where there is thus a tradition of barrel re-use. John Fearless can leverage Ciatti’s global network to get these barrels where they are needed, whether for winery, brewery or distillery use. Get in contact with Raymond – Raymond@ johnfearless.com – to find out more.

John Fearless’s oak offering of used bourbon, whiskey, rum and wine barrels is being expanded even further with the addition of foeders – large oak vessels
traditionally used in wineries, in some instances seeing over 30 years of continuous use. These vessels are large – holding perhaps 1,000-5,000 gallons – but can be no larger than a standard stainless steel fermenter: as such they are increasingly in demand from craft brewers of all sizes serious about barrel-ageing, who wish to reduce the amount of barrel-handling required and to make blending easier. The ease of blending offsets having less oak surface area in relation to liquid: foeders are ideal for brewers seeking the wine and oak character in combination with other flavours. Fearless can now source foeders, so get in touch.

Key Takeaway

John Fearless can provide used wine, bourbon, whiskey and rum barrels; used foeders; base and specialty malt; aroma and bittering hops; a five-strong range of Humuflor hop essences; and fruit concentrates, purees, juices, and owders.

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