SOURCE: California
TYPE: American charred oak barrels (former Bourbon barrels)
AGE: +8 years
PRIOR USE: Bourbon, then Brandy
QUALITY/CONDITION: pressure tested, tightened, ready to fill
DISTILLER AND BREWERS NOTES: These barrels housed grape brandy made from a 9% Korbel grape wine and were employed for typically 4-5 uses. The barrel of choice for Korbel brandy is Tennessee white oak that has been heavily charred. These same barrels were the home to Jack Daniels Whiskey for 4 years previously. The porous, looser grain of the white oak gives the brandy the degree of breathing it needs for optimum aging. Unlike other distillers, Korbel only produces brandy for Korbel. Thus, consistent results can be expected from Barrel to Barrel.

Typical characteristics and contributions a beer can expect from aging in these brandy barrels will likely allow the pick-up of aromas like cinnamon, leather and cherry, with notes of vanilla and brown sugar – balanced and approachable, it melds charmingly with the finish of figs and plums. They are an ideal choice for aging American and Belgian style strong ales, Imperial Stouts and Barley wines.
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