Keep Packaged Beer Fresher for Longer

Brewshield from Stoak Technologies is an all-natural, organic-certified beer stabilizer. Made from the extract of 150-year-old oak trees, the natural antioxidants in Brewshield neutralize oxidative molecules that can ruin a beer’s flavor, aroma, and color to keep it fresher for longer.

Craft brewers use premium ingredients to distinguish their beers, especially in high quality IPAs. Protect those flavors so your customers can enjoy them – and come back for your beers again and again.

100% natural Brewshield will give you the peace of mind that the beer your customers buy off the shelf will taste as fresh as it did on brew day in each and every can or bottle.

Breweries Using Brewshield...and Growing
Cans Using Brewshield Filled Per Hour


The cost of Brewshield at proper dosage is just a penny a beer. It’s good for your bottom line AND good for your brand!

Benefits of Brewshield

Benefits: Customers

Customers will judge your brand on the last beer they drink. Even if they have been loyal consumers, if they get an off taste from an older batch, they may choose to switch brands immediately. Don’t risk losing your customers and brand reputation.

Benefits: Ingredients

Since hops and malt make up 95% of the ingredient costs of beer and craft brewers often use high cost, premium ingredients to distinguish their beers from the crowd, why not protect those ingredients so your customers can taste the flavors you’ve worked so hard to impart.

Benefits: Distributors and Retailers

Distributors and retailers can be reluctant to take large deliveries of individual craft beer lines or hold onto them for too long. If you can extend that window of freshness for your beer along with its shelf life, you are likely to get larger orders and reduce returns over concerns of quality.

Learn More:

We have written white papers to provide more detail on the science behind Brewshield and beer stability.

From a Brewshield Customer

“Our Damn! That’s Good DIPA is a Brewshield-ed product, and it recently won a gold medal at the US Open Beer Championships. Shelf life on those cans has been noticeably extended and oxidation issues are now virtually unheard of. Finding a can more than 90 days old is difficult, but the beer is lasting at least that long under good storage conditions.”

– Nick Scheeler, Brewery Operations Manager, The Explorium Brewpub

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