Keep Packaged Beer Fresher for Longer

Brewshield from Stoak Technologies is an all-natural, organic-certified beer stabilizer. Made from the extract of 150-year-old oak trees, the natural antioxidants in Brewshield neutralize oxidative molecules that ruin a beer’s flavor, aroma, and color to keep it fresher for longer.

100% natural Brewshield will give you the peace of mind that the beer your customers buy off the shelf will taste as fresh as it did on brew day – and make them want to come back for more.

Breweries Using Brewshield...and Growing
Cans Using Brewshield Filled Per Hour


The cost of Brewshield at proper dosage is just a penny a beer. It’s good for your bottom line AND good for your brand!

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We have written white papers to provide more detail on the science behind Brewshield and beer stability.

From a Brewshield Customer

“Our Damn! That’s Good DIPA is a Brewshield-ed product, and it recently won a gold medal at the US Open Beer Championships. Shelf life on those cans has been noticeably extended and oxidation issues are now virtually unheard of. Finding a can more than 90 days old is difficult, but the beer is lasting at least that long under good storage conditions.”

– Nick Scheeler, Brewery Operations Manager, The Explorium Brewpub

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