CO2 Blended Hop extract

CO2 Blended Hop extract  
150 G Alpha per can  
Alpha: 53.06% 
Production date: FEB 2020

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The basic calculation for hop dosing:

Kg product to dose = (hL X ppm) / (%U X %conc)

  • hL = Final beer volume in hectoliters  (1bbl = 1.174 hL)
  • ppm = ppm isoalpha acids desired in final beer; roughly relates to bitterness units
  • %U = Estimated percent utilization = 
  • alpha acids dosed / isoalpha acides in beer) X 100
  • %conc = Percent concentration of alpha acids in hop product

Example: 100 bbl finished beer, 40 ppm IAA desired, 30% utilization, 45% alpha acids in extract ((100 X 1.174) X 40) / (30X 45) = 4696/ 1350 = 3.48 kg extract to dose
1.    Calculation supplied by John I. Haas, Inc. Please refer to their website for more information 
2.    Actual utilization of alpha acids is dependent on equipment and process specifics.  For best results, lab analysis of wort/beer should be conducted to confirm bitterness.

See Certificate of Conformance

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