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Hops are grown by about 2,600 farms in the European union, which are responsible for about 60% of the hops grown worldwide. Hops from Germany account for about 60% of that amount and about a third of the world’s hops. Other important hop growers in the EU are the Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovenia.

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Our goal is to make a wide range of European hops available to brewers to allow them to fearlessly brew to the greatest extent. That’s why our European offerings include everything from traditional noble hops to exciting new varietals only recently released.

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Some of the more popular European hop varietals include:

Hüll Melon

The bright aroma of Hüll Melon features flavors not commonly associated with hops, including honeydew melon (hence the name) and strawberry.

Mandarina Bavaria

Sweet tangerine and other citrus flavors dominate in this aroma hop ideal for late, whirlpool, and dry hop additions for fruity, hoppy beers.

Hallertau Blanc

Developed for American-style ales, the flavors in this hop are light and fruity with winelike characteristics similar to those of Sauvignon Blanc.

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These varietals and more are available through John Fearless.

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