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John Fearless is Proud to be a Distributor of  South African Hops!

If you’re really looking to brew fearless, consider adding South African hops to your go-to collection. Because they are bred specifically for South Africa’s growing conditions, these hop cultivars offer unique flavor and aroma characteristics not available in hops from other regions. The results? Your favorite beer recipes get a whole new twist.

Hops from South Africa are relatively rare. To compare, in 2021 the US (which is the world’s leading hop grower) produced 113 million pounds of hops. South Africa, on the other hand, produced just 1.6 million pounds.

John Fearless, through our relationship with local farmers, happens to be one of the few hops distributors or brewery suppliers available to help you buy South African hops.

History of South African Hops

The Duke will help you learn about South African hops.

South African Hop Cultivars

Historically, South African hops were bred for bittering. But within the last several years, growers have been developing more and more aroma varieties in response to the current demand by much of the brewing community around the world.

Today’s South African hops offer high alpha acids for the bittering varieties, a good alpha/beta ratio, low COH, low myrcene, low caryophyllene, and high humulene. Interested in trying them? Ask for a sample!

South African Hops: South African flag logo with hops

Some of the more popular South African hop cultivars include:

Southern Star hops spider graph | South African Hops
Southern Star HOps

High in alpha acids yet big in flavor, Southern Star works well as a bittering hop but also delivers bright, fruity aromas when used in late additions.

Southern Promise Hops spider graph | South African Hops
Southern Promise Hops

One of the first developed in South Africa that didn’t require artificial light. It’s used for both bittering and aroma, with a woody, earthy fragrance.

Southern Tropic Hops spider graph | South African Hops
Southern Tropic Hops

This bittering hop is ideal for use in hop-forward beers with a desired tropical fruitiness that includes sweet hints of melon, pineapple and guava. 

XJA2-436 Hops spider graph | South African Hops
XJA2/436 Hops

This well-rounded hop has some resinous pine along with bright and sweet fruit flavors of papaya, gooseberries, and melon. It’s ideal for hop-forward beers.

Southern Passion Hops spider graph | South African Hops
Southern Passion Hops

Juicy peach and stone fruit aromas and flavors really pop,  especially in hazies, but hints of passion fruit and citrus also come through.

African Queen Hops spider graph | South African Hops
African Queen (j17) Hops

This exciting, dual-purpose hop balances between fruity and traditional bitterness, strong citrus notes, ideal for use in bold, full-bodied beers.

Aroma/Flavor Aroma/Flavor

These South African hop cultivars and more are available through John Fearless.

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