Beer Stabilizer and Oak Additives


Beer preservative and Barrel Ageing.

Find out how to use Stoak’s products in your brewery to assist you in extending shelf life as well as adding Oak matured character to your beer.

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Wine stability and finishing tannins.

Find out more about finishing tannins for red and white wine as well as the innovative solution for bulk wine stability.

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Oak character and accelerated maturation.

Find out how Stoak’s products can add depth and character to your distilled products.

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Stoak’s wood liquefaction technology is a concentrated and highly effective processing aid for Brewmasters, Winemakers, and Master Distillers. Its start-of-the-art technology operates on a molecular level allowing to extract the core benefits of 150 year old oak.

Potent Stabilizer

Stoak acts as a potent stabilizer and preservative to beer, cider and wine

Blending Aid

Stoak is a trusted blending aid that assists in the rounding and completion of wooded spirits post-ageing

100% Natural

All Stoak products are 100% natural. They are all USA and EU organic certified. It’s liquefaction process uses only 2% of the wood compared to traditional maturation processes.