Whole Wheat Malt


Available in California Only – 40 Bag Minimum Order Quantity – Mix and Match

Whole dried malted wheat suitable for all beers.

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Whole dried malted wheat suitable for all beers.

Appearance: Whole grains light brown in color

Odor: Pleasant and characteristic malt odor

Taste: Pleasant, malty, and slightly sweet

Allergen Information: Contains gluten

Analytical Specification:

  • Moisture %: ≤ 7
  • Extract L°/kg (dwt, 0.77mm grind): ≥ 315
  • Total Nitrogen % (dwt): ≤ 2.2
  • Total Soluble Nitrogen % (dwt): ≤ 0.85 
  • Soluble Nitrogen Ratio: 30 to 45
  • Wort Color (515ml mash): ≤ 5 EBC
  • Diastatic Power °IoB: 75 to 130
  • Diastatic Power °Lintner: 80 to 140
  • Alpha Amylase/DU @ 20° C (dwt): ≥20

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